Conflict with the Church Video

St. Nikolai’s Day in Moscow (1918)
Description: Kinonedelia no. 2. The church and its faithful were profoundly offended by Bolshevik anti-religious propaganda and legislation, and took their discontent onto the city streets. This clip features a religious procession on St. Nikolai’s Day at the Nikolskii Gates of Red Square. Heading the procession is Patriarch Tikhon. Moscow, 1918.

Revealing the Remains of St. Sergius (1919)
Description: One of the earliest and clumsiest of examples of Bolshevik anti-religious propaganda was the attempt to unmask the fraudulent holy remains of fifteenth-century St. Sergius of Radonezh in the monastery of Sergiev Posad, which he founded. Although scientists did prove that the relics were not authentic, believers were not assuaged by the rationalistic attempt to rid them of their religious prejudices.

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