Culture and Revolution Video

Storming the Winter Palace (1920)
Description: A mass spectacle with over 10,000 participants reenacted the historical event on the third anniversary of the Revolution. Trucks with soldiers arrive. Generals and ministers on the steps of the Winter Palace. The Provisional Government presides, with Aleksandr Kerenskii speaking. Prisoners leave the prisons. Uprising of the worker-blacksmiths. Workers and soldiers storm Winter Palace. Sailors in formation.

Lenin in Newsreels (1923)
Description: This compilation of Lenin’s public appearances was taken from various issues of the official Soviet newsreel, Goskinokalendar.

The Living Maiakovskii (1972)
Description: Clip from The Lady and the Hooligan (1918), a scenario by Vladimir Maiakovskii. Maiakovskii played the role of the hooligan. This was one of the first feature films of the post-revolutionary era.

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