Evgenii Bauer: Life for a Life (1916)

Starring Starring Vera Kholodnaia
Description: Studio owner Khanzhankov wanted to stagger the cinema world with a production of great artistic worth, which would immediately place our firm’s reputation at its rightful level… From a whole range of scenarios offered to him, Bauer, our chief director, selected a dramatization of the French novel by Georges Ohnet. The studio’s entire technical resources were mobilized for the production, and the main roles were allocated among the best actors in our company… We had no more than one month to spend on the production and all departments set to work at a feverish pace. Bauer liked this sort of urgent work and even finished it a few days ahead of the deadline.’ The Russian film press hailed the film as an artistic treasure; it soon stood as an elegy to a life gone by.

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