Unification of Educational Establishments and Institutions

Council of People’s Commissars, Decree on the Unification of All Educational Establishments and Institutions under the People’s Commissariat for Public Education. May 30, 1918

1. In order to reorganize, unify and renovate education on the principles of new pedagogy and Socialism, all primary, secondary, higher, boarding and ordinary, general and special educational establishments (with the exception of special educational establishments for adults designed for exclusively technical purposes), as well as pre-school and extra-mural educational establishments, whether state-owned, publicly-run or private, are placed under the People’s Commissariat for Public Education.

2. All state funds allocated now according to the budgets and establishments of different departments for the needs of public education shall be transferred to the budget of the People’s Commissariat for Public Education; simultaneously all properties, buildings with equipment, outbuildings, the land under buildings, fields, manor houses, libraries, teaching aids, valuables, capital, securities and everything else intended for the schools and institutions as designated in Paragraph I are handed over to the People’s Commissariat for Public Education.

3. The People’s Commissariat for Public Education is directed to establish special commissions of its own representatives and those of the departments concerned to determine the dates and order of the transfer indicated in Paragraph I, which is to be completed before July 15.

Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, V. UL’IANOV (LENIN).
Business Manager of the Council of People’s Commissars, VLAD. BONCH-BRUEVICH.
Secretary of the Council, N. P. GORBUNOV.

Source: Decrees of the Soviet Government (Moscow: Institute of Marxism-Leninism, 1957), Vol. II, pp. 358-359.

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