Constitution of the Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic

Second All-Bukhara Kurultai of People’s Representatives, Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic. September 23, 1921



Original Source: S”ezdy sovetov Soiuza SSR, soiuznykh i avtonomnykh sovetskikh sotsialisticheskikh respublik; sbornik dokumentov (Moscow: Institut prava, Akademiia nauk SSSR, 1960), Vol. 2, pp. 567-63.

1. Having overthrown the power of the Emir, the revolutionary Bukhara people establishes a new order of state administration called a Soviet Republic.

2. With the collapse of Emir power and the transfer of state administration directly into the hands of the Bukhara people, the former Khanate of Bukhara is proclaimed the Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic.

3. The Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic is a single, indivisible and independent state within the limits of its present state frontiers.

4. State power in the Bukhara Republic throughout its territory both centrally and locally henceforth belongs entirely to the whole Bukhara people.

Source: USSR, Sixty Years of the Union, 1922-1982 (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1982), p. 96.

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