Proclamation to All Moslems in the World

Russian Administration for Religious Affairs of Russian Moslems, Proclamation to All Moslems in the World. May 23, 1923


Original Source: Moskovskie izvestiia, 12 June 1923.

The Russian Administration for Religious Affairs of Russian Moslems declares to all the Moslems of the world:

The British Government, the oppressor of Islam, has started nefarious work against the Soviet Government, the protector of the oppressed, including Turkey. England is making preparations for armed intervention against the Soviets. The Russian Moslems have read with great agitation the British note to the Soviet Government. The oppressor of Islam, the British Government, is accusing the Soviet Government of persecuting religion because of the trial of the Orthodox clergy and Patriarch Tikhon for resisting the confiscation of church valuables for the needs of the starving people.

The Administration of Religious Affairs considers the action taken by the Soviet Government correct. The Administration also considers the separation of the Church from the State to be just because the Orthodox Church during the old regime was the ruling one, and the others were oppressed. All religions, except the Greek Orthodox, were very much oppressed. With the institution of the Soviet Government the support of one religion to the detriment of another disappeared. The faith of Islam received freedom. The Administration of Religious Affairs announces to the whole Moslem world that it considers the accusation of the Soviets by the British Government false. The Soviet Government has always shown its care for the needy Moslem people. The representatives of the Famine Relief Commission, whom the Administration of Religious Affairs has been sending to different places, has never had any difficulties with the Soviet Authorities. Turkey, which wanted to lend a helping hand to the starving Moslems, was prevented from doing so by England, because it hates the Moslems. Tagir Iliasov, who was to travel to Cairo, was not let through. The representative of the Famine Relief Committee, who was to go to Turkey, was maltreated and returned. The rapacious government of England, having robbed Turkey of its holy places, has taken them under its control and supervision, and after having armed the hangmen of Greece, it instigated them to attack Turkey in order to deprive the latter of its territories. But by the grace of God and by the assistance of the Soviet Government the heroic Turks have repulsed their enemies. At present our co-religionists in India and Arabia are oppressed by England and many of them are suffering in prisons. We Moslems have been sending our prayers to God to give the victory to Turkey and to drive out the Greeks from Turkish territories. Turkey gained the victory. One of the reasons was the support of Turkey by the Soviet Government. The Moslems of the whole world must not forget this and must thank the Soviet Government.

We, the Moslems of Russia, consider the Soviet Government the protector of the oppressed and declare to the four hundred million Moslems of the world the necessity of full support of the Soviet regime.

President of the Central Administration of Religious Affairs of Moslems in European Russia and Siberia “Kazi” Riasaidin Rakhertdinov.

Members: “Kazi” Kashafutdin Tarzhimanov, “Kazi” M. Sabir Khasanov, “Kazi” Mukhliss Bubi.
May 23, 1923

Source: Boleslaw B. Szczesniak, ed. and tr., Russian Revolution and Religion; a collection of documents concerning the suppression of religion by the Communists, 1917-1925 (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 1959), pp. 171-172.

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