The Muslim East Video

Congress of the Peoples of the East (1920)
Description: On a train with Comintern delegates to the Congress of the Peoples of the East in Baku. American journalist John Reed and Comintern chief Grigorii Zinoviev attend a rally.

Civil War Chronicle, 1920-1921 (1921)
Description: Central Asia during the Civil War. The agit-train Red East travelling and arriving at Tashkent station. The agit-train workers at a rally. The fortress, bazaar and streets of one of Tashkent. The building of the Turkestan Central Executive Committee of the RSFSR.

Uzbekistan Chronicle (1922)
Description: Scenes from the ancient city of Bukhara, 1922-1924. City streets. Local residents at the bazaar. A Bukhara resident drives his arba (cart) along the street. Craftsmen weave mats from reeds. Workers transplant shrubs and plant trees.

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