Constitution of the Azerbaijan Socialist Soviet Republic

First Congress of Soviets of the Azerbaijan Socialist Soviet Republic, Constitution of the Azerbaijan Socialist Soviet Republic. May 19, 1921



Original Source: S”ezdy sovetov Soiuza SSR, soiuznykh i avtonomnykh sovetskikh sotsialisticheskikh respublik; sbornik dokumentov (Moscow: Institut prava, Akademiia nauk SSSR, 1960), Vol. 2, p. 326.

1. The main task of the Constitution of the ASSR, which is designed for the present transition period, consists in the establishment of the dictatorship of the urban and rural proletariat and the poorest peasantry in the form of a strong Soviet power for the purpose of the complete crushing of the bourgeoisie, the abolition of the exploitation of man by man and the establishment of socialism, under which there will be neither division into classes nor state power.

2. The Azerbaijan Republic is a free socialist society of all the working people of Azerbaijan. All power within the ASSR belongs to the whole working population of the country, united in urban and rural Soviets.

3. Supreme power in the ASSR belongs to the Azerbaijan Congress of Soviets, and in the interval between Congresses to the Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee.

Source: USSR, Sixty Years of the Union, 1922-1982 (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1982), p. 96.

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