Transcaucasia Video

First Anniversary of Menshevik Georgia (1919)
Description: Tiflis on the first anniversary of Georgian independence, May 1919. A parade of physical-culturalists, demonstrators, Boy Scouts. Coaches and automobiles decorated with flowers move through the streets. Within a year, the Bolsheviks would have taken power in Transcauscasia.

Soviet Azerbaijan (1921)
Description: Bolshevik power comes to Azerbaijan, 1918-1922. First public display of the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic.

Armenia and Georgia under Soviet Power (1921)
Description: Armenia and Georgia after the Establishment of Soviet Power, 1920-1921. Erevan, capital of Armenia: streets, administrative buildings, former members of the Dashnak government. Red Army units march through the streets (with Avis among the commanders).

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