Abram Room: Bed and Sofa (1927)

Assistant Director: Sergei Iutkevich. Starring Nikolai Batalov, Ludmila Semenova, Vladimir Fogel.
Scenario: Viktor Shklovskii
Description: The sexual mores of the young working class were featured in this hit comedy. When Volodya, a provincial printer, comes to NEP-era Moscow for work, his Civil War comrade Kolya invites him to share his apartment without asking his wife Liudmila. The close quarters soon lead to romantic entanglement with Volodya and pregnancy. In typical Komsomol fashion, the men decide without asking her that Liudmila must abort the child. In the climactic final scene shown here, she goes to a private abortion clinic, but entranced by the sight of a young baby, decides that she will have her own child, and do without the men.

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