Churches Closed Video

A Devout City Becomes Godless (1929)
Description:  A church bell-tower. Masses of people standing by the bell where it has been removed. Boys climb up on the bell as it lies on the ground. Sovkinozhurnal no. 14.

Confiscating Cultic Objects (1929)
Description: Samara. Confiscating ‘cultic objects’ from a synagogue lays the foundation for a new House of Culture. Sovkinozhurnal no. 29.

Uninterrupted Work Week (1929)
Description: Introduction of the Uninterrupted Work Week. Construction of factory buildings: molten steel is poured. The four-day work week. Sales on Sunday: people by a store on the streets of Leningrad; shoppers in a food store; leisure among workers: reading a newspaper, lying on the sofa; a family drinks tea. Sovkinozhurnal no. 82.

Anti-religious Children’s March (1929)
Description: An antireligious procession of workers on Christmas. Children march by with antireligious banners; crosses are removed from the cupola; a church converted into a club; a pile of icons. Sovkinozhurnal no. 82.

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