Collectivization Video

Confiscations in a Cossack Village (1929)
Description: The Cossack village (stanitsa) of Novo-Pokrovsk, 1929. Employees of the NKVD conduct a search in the home of the kulak Chernov. They find grain hidden in the pigsty. Witnesses watch. The grain is poured into sacks and carted away. Poor and middle peasants try the case in public. Sovkinozhurnal no. 72.

Collectivization Day (1929)
Description: Collectivization Day. Let’s strengthen our production ties (smychka) with the countryside. Leningrad Region. The Patronage (shefstvo) Society of the Metal Factory dispatches its worker brigade to the village to conduct collectivization day. Sovkinozhurnal no. 64.

Samara Kolkhoz Women Congress (1930)
Description: Samara Region: the Middle-Volga District Congress for Kolkhoz Women. Cossack women donate jewelry to the collectivization-tractorization campaign. Many of the contributions were less than voluntary, and took place in the face of mass confiscations. Sovkinozhurnal dlia derevni, no. 6.

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