Writers’ Congress Video

Engineers of the Human Soul (1934)
Description: Delegates to the First Congress of Soviet Writers head into the meeting, including: Veniamin Vishnevskii, Demian Bednyi, Maksim Gorkii. Writers present in the hall: Vsevolod Ivanov, Serafimovich, etc.

Gorky Speaks at the Congress (1934)
Description: Congress of the Union of Soviet Writers. Excerpts from Gorkii’s speech. Soiuzkinozhurnal, No. 24.

Ceremonial Opening of the Congress (1934)
Description: Meeting of the First Congress of Soviet Writers, presided over by Aleksei Gorky. Aleksei Tolstoi. Ilya Erenburg and foreign revolutionary writers. Readers meet the writers. Soiuzkinozhurnal No. 24.

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