Creation of the Ethnic Republics Video

Nomads Become Farmers (1934)
Description: Turkmenistan. Former nomads have become cotton farmers, and are learning to read. Socialist Village No. 24.

Kolkhoz Kirghizia (1936)
Description: The mountain landscape of Kirghizia. The life of collectivized Kirghiz herders: women grind grain with a hand mill, and repair the yurt. The men herd the animals. Adults learning to read. Subtitles in French and English.

The Good Life has Made It to the Steppe (1933)
Description: The collectivization of Kazakh nomads. At a meeting of a Kazakh sheep herding kolkhoz, the kolkhoz directors distribute livestock to the kolkhozniks. Soiuzkinozhurnal No. 35.

Young Republic (Kalmyk ASSR) (1936)
Description:A hallmark of Stalinist nationality policy was that each nationality must possess a distinctive cultural tradition. Here, Kalmyk youngsters perform ‘traditional’ music and dances in the square for city residents.

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