Pilots and Explorers Video

The Cheliuskin Odyssey (1934)
Description: The voyage and rescue of the Arctic explorers aboard the Cheliuskin. This remarkable film chronicles their life on the ice, the disastrous sinking of their ship, and their miraculous rescue by air.

Along the Stalin Route (1936)
Description: The flight of Chkalov, Beliakov and Baidukov across the North Pole to America. The pilots are greeted by Stalin, Kaganovich, Voroshilov and other party leaders before the flight, and feted upon their return to Moscow.

Mikhail Kalatazov: Valerii Chkalov (1941)
Starring Vladimir Belokurov, Vasilii Vanin, Ksenia Tarasova
Description: Chkalov was the classic hero of the Stalin era, whose unbridled will is harness by the efforts of an older mentor, in this case his commanding officer. Secretly proud that his disciple dares to fly under the Leningrad bridge, he nevertheless demands that he submit himself to discipline.

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