Popular Front Music

Spain Will Be Free (1936)
V. A. Kandelaki. Music: P. Turtygina; Lyrics: S. Alymov
Description: This optimistic song of solidarity expressed the spirit, if not the facts, of republican resistance to the Fascist insurrection.

A las barricadas! (1936)
To the tune of the Varsavienne
Description: Spanish song from the time of the Civil War, sung to the tune of the Varsavienne. The song originated with the Spanish Anarchists, a fact forgotten by Soviet musicians when the song was played there. Subtitled in Spanish.

Ballad of the Eleventh Interbrigade (1936)
Music: G. M. Schneerson; Lyrics: Ernst Busch
Description: The marching song of the brigade of international volunteers who fought on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War. In German.

Song of the United Front
Verasy. Music: Hans Eisler. Lyrics: Bertold Brecht
Description: Brecht and Eisler’s stirring Einheitsfrontleid became a rallying call for progressive Europeans facing the rising threat of Fascism. This 1974 performance is by Verasy, a Belorussian band whose popular repertoire included many political songs.

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