Rehabilitation of Cossack Divisions Music

Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl (1942)
Red Army Chorus. Music: Matvei Blanter. Lyrics: Il’ia Sel’vinskii

Budennyi Meets the Cossacks (1941)
Moscow Boys’ Chorus. Music: V. Soloviev-Sedoi; Lyrics: A. Churkin
Description: Budennyi’s own Cossack origins, and his close connection with Cossack units during the Civil War, made him a favorite figure in state-produced mass culture that accompanied the rehabilitation of the Cossackry.

Song of the Don (1938)
Petr Kirichek. Music: I. Dzerzhinskii; Lyrics: A. Churkin
Description: Song of the Don Cossacks from the opera ‘Virgin Soil Upturned’, based on a Mikhail Sholokhov novel.

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