Rehabilitation of Cossack Divisions Video

Kulak Aggressions in the Village (1929)
Description: This newsreel chronicles kulak ‘aggressions’ in the stanitsa (Cossack village) of Novoshchervinovsk during the collectivization campaign. Soviet power attempted to split Cossacks between the rich peasants (kulaks) and poor (bedniaks). Sovkinozhurnal no. 64.

Soviet Cossacks (1936)
Description: Old Cossack units muster in the city of Rostov. The old Cossack Prokopenko equips his son for military service. Cossacks dance, and the Voroshilov Cavalry marches off.

Cossack Division Early in the War (1941)
Description: The Morozov Cossack Division on the march during the first days of the Second World War, summer 1941. The soldiers do battle for the village of N. Newsreel Footage.

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