All-Union Agricultural Exhibition Video

Ivan Pyriev: The Swineherd and the Shepherd (1941)
Starring Marina Ladynina, V. Zeldin, Nikolai Kriuchkov.
Description: A Stakhanovite swineherd, played by Marina Ladynina, receives a trip to Moscow and the Agricultural Exhibit as reward for her record-breaking labor. There she meets the man who will become her husband, a simple shepherd of the Caucasus who is also a glorified laborer.

At the Ukrainian Pavilion (1939)
Description: The All-Union Agricultural Exhibit. Ukrainian Pavilion. Uzbekistan Pavilion. Conference speech by Academic Tsitsin. Sovkinozhurnal no.74.

Grigorii Aleksandrov: Radiant Path (1940)
Starring Liubov Orlova and Evgenii Samoilov.
Description: The fairytale story of a Stakhanovite-like weaver Tatiana Morozova, who is recognized and rewarded by Soviet power, Aleksandrov’s film was the last of his pre-war musical hits starring Liubov Orlova. In this scene, Orlova’s heroine is shown her past and future by her fairy-godmother reflection in the mirror. The fairy-tale is in fact Soviet reality, and the girl is shown the lavish splendor of the Agricultural Exhibit in Moscow, where, now a Deputy in the Supreme Soviet, she is presented to her friends and peers.

At the All-Union Agricultural Exhibit (1940)
Description: Peasants from Northern Bukovina (a part of Moldavia recently annexed by the Soviet Union) recording their impressions of the Exhibit; an overview of the grounds with the statue of Stalin.

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