List of Baltic Undesirables

List of undesirables: Baltic States. Autumn 1939

Local party leaders proceeded systematically to purge the populations involved of dangerous and “unstable” elements. A deportation order of the new Communist government of Lithuania listed the following categories of persons to be arrested and deported to

1. Members of Russian pre-revolutionary parties-Mensheviks, followers of Trotsky and anarchists.

2. Members of contemporary Lithuanian political parties, including students belonging to student organizations.

3. Members of the state police, gendarmerie and prison staffs.

4. Officers of the former Tsarist Army and other anti-Bolshevik armies of 1918-21.

5. Officers and military judges of the contemporary Polish and Lithuanian armies.

6. Volunteers of all armies other than Bolshevik.

7. Persons removed from the Communist Party.

8. Refugees, political émigrés and contraband runners.

9. Citizens of foreign states, representatives of foreign firms, etc.

10. Persons who have traveled abroad. Persons who are in contact with representatives of foreign states. Persons who are Esperantists and philatelists.

11. Officials of Lithuanian Ministries.

12. The staff of the Red Cross.

13. Persons active in parishes; clergymen, secretaries and active members of religious communities.

14. Aristocrats, landowners, wealthy merchants, bankers, industrialists, hotel and restaurant proprietors.

Source: George S. Counts, The Challenge of Soviet Education (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1957), p. 227.

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