Three Power Pact Treaty to include the Soviet Union

Drafts Agreeement to include the Soviet Union in the Three Power Pact Treaty. November 15, 1940


By November 15th, 1940, a draft agreement, bringing Russia into the Three Power Pact, had been drawn up. It read: “The Governments of the states of the Three Power Pact, Germany, Italy and Japan, on the one side, and the Government of the U.S.S.R. on the other side, motivated by the desire to establish in their natural spheres of influence in Europe, Asia, and Africa a new order serving the welfare of all peoples concerned and to create a firm and enduring foundation for their common labours toward this goal, have agreed upon the following:

Article I

“In the Three Power Pact of Berlin, of September 27, 1940, Germany, Italy and Japan agreed to oppose the extension of the war into a world conflict with all possible means and to collaborate toward an early restoration of world peace. They expressed their willingness to extend their collaboration to nations in other parts of the world which are inclined to direct their efforts along the same course as theirs. The Soviet Union declares that it concurs in these aims of the Three Power Pact and is on its part determined to co-operate politically in this course with the Three Powers.

Article II

“Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union undertake to respect each other’s natural spheres of influence. In so far as these spheres of interest come into contact with each other, they will constantly consult each other in an amicable way with regard to the problems arising therefrom.

“Germany, Italy, and Japan declare on their part that they recognize the present extent of the possessions of the Soviet Union and will respect it.

Article III

“Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union undertake to join no combination of powers and to support no combination of powers which is directed against one of the Four Powers.

The Four Powers will assist each other in economic matters in every way and will supplement and extend the agreements existing among themselves.

Article IV

“This agreement shall take effect upon signature and shall continue for a period of ten years. The Governments of the Four Powers shall consult each other in due time, before the expiration of that period, regarding the extension of the agreement.

“Done in four originals, in the German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian languages.”

Captured Archives; the Story of the Nazi-Soviet Documents (London: Latimer House, 1948), pp. 114-120.

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