Soviet Territorial Annexations Video

Ribbentrop Arrives in Moscow (1939)
Description: German Minister of Foreign Affair von Ribbentrop arriving at the Moscow Aerodrome, September 27, 1939. Sovkinozhurnal no. 93, October 5, 1939.

The Land of Estonia (1941)
Description: Police supervision of the population of Estonian village, with the purpose of preventing contact of the Estonians with Soviet soldiers crossing Estonian territory according to the terms of the Pact. Scenes from Tallinn, 1939. Leaders reviewing the demonstration include the future first secretary of the Estonian Communist Party and the first Prime Minister of Soviet Estonia.

Estonia Accepted into the USSR (1939)
Description: Workers demonstration and military in Tallin (capital of Estonia) in honor of Estonia’s acceptance into the USSR. Present: Andrei Zhdanov, Estonian Communist Party leaders.

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