The Lost Census Video

All-Union Census (1937)
Description: All-Union Census: a census taker counts passengers in a train; census takers: visiting Commissar of Foreign Affairs Maksim Litvinov (Moscow), and Stakhanovite steelworker Makar Mazai (city of Mariupol) and miner Nikolai Izotov. Sovkinozhurnal no. 3.

All-Union Census Day (1936)
Description: January 6 – All-Union Census Day. Speech by the director of the Central Economic Statistics Administration, Kraval. Mothers and newborns in the Maternity Home. Census takers in the apartments of famous people, including Maria Demchenko.

Census in a Chechen Aul (1938)
Description: The aul (village) of Sanoi in Checheno-Ingushetiia. Census of the population, including Nankiloeva, a 140-year old woman living in the aul. Sovkinozhurnal no. 60.

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