Tractor Drivers Music

Katyusha (1939)
V. Batishcheva. With P. Mikhailov and V. Tiutiunnik, and the Knushevitskii Orchestra. Music: Matvei Blanter. Lyrics: Mikhail Isakovskii
Description: The heroine of this love song so captured the hearts of Soviet soldiers that they named their terrifying accordion artillery guns after her. The song was very popular abroad as well, surely because of its catchy melody. Few fans are aware that the boyfriend for whom Katiusha is pining is an NKVD border guard.

If Tomorrow Brings War (1938)
Red Army Chorus. Music: Dm. and Dan. Pokrass. Lyrics: Vasilii Lebedev-Kumach
Description: Theme song of a movie of the same song, in which the Soviet Army bravely drove back an enemy attack. Its slogan was featured in militaristic propaganda of the final pre-war years.

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