Tractor Drivers Video

Ivan Pyriev: Tractor Drivers (1939)
Description: Three friends, a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Georgian, returning home from fighting the Japanese share fellowship and their plans for the future. The theme song accompanying the credits was a popular hit.

Tactical Maneuvers in the Far East (1936)
Description: Tactical maneuvers for infantry and artillery units of the Far East Military District. Among the commanders observing the maneuvers are Marshal V. K. Bliukher and I. F. Fed’ko. Newsreel footage.

Belorussian Manuevers (1936)
Description: Conducting manuevers in the Belorussian Military District. S. M. Budennyi, K. E. Voroshilov, A. I. Egorov, M. N. Tukhachevskii, M. N. Goloded, I. N. Dubovoi and I. P. Uborevich observe the maneuvers, talk with the commanders, discuss the conduct of operations.

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