Romm: Ordinary Fascism (1965)

Mikhail Romm. Ordinary Fascism (1965). Please be advised that this clip contains some very disturbing footage of Nazi atrocities. Watch at your own discretion.
Description: As captors of Berlin, and liberators of most of Eastern Europe, the Soviets held most of the record of the Holocaust. The German state proudly filmed the extermination of East Europe’s Jews by SS Einsatzgruppen. The murder of Eastern European Jews, the first stage of genocide, lacked the industrial precision that Auschwitz would later hold for Jews of the West. A coarse brutality characterized these paramilitary death squads, who killed by bullet, axe, rope or even bare hands. As director and narrator Mikhail Romm notes in his commentary to the German footage that comprise his documentary, the campaign dehumanized the killers as well as their victims.

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