Eight-Hundred Years of Moscow Music

Lenin Hills (1947)
Georgii Vinogradov. Music: Iu. Miliutin. Lyrics: Evgenii Dolmatovskii
Description: Vinogradov recorded this song for a special long-playing 33-rpm album issued for the 800th anniversary of Moscow’s founding.

As You Get Closer to Moscow (1948)
Vladimir Nechaev. Music: Isaak Dunaevskii. Lyrics: Mikhail Matusovskii
Description: This song, with its catchy rhythm reminiscent of rail wheels rolling into Moscow, was one of the first hits of the song-writing team of Dunaevski and Matusovskii.

Moscow in May (1937)
Iurii Guliaev. Music: Dm. and Dan. Pokrass. Lyrics: Vasilii Lebedev-Kumach
Description: A song devoted to that lovely moment in spring when Moscow shakes off the winter and its citizens stream into the streets and parks.

My Moscow (1941)
Veronika Borisenko. Music: Isaak Dunaevskii. Lyrics: Mark Lisianskii and Sergei Agranian
Description: Moscow’s official city hymn since 1995, this song was first written in 1941. The reference to Stalin found in the version here was erased from the song during the Brezhnev era.

My Dear Muscovites (1947)
Leonid and Edit Utesov. Music: Isaak Dunaevskii. Lyrics: Vladimir Mass and M. Chervinskii
Description: Written for the 800th anniversary of Moscow, this popular song is covered by stars until today.

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