Eight-Hundred Years of Moscow Video

Glory to Moscow (1947)
Description: Eight-hundredth anniversary of Moscow. Ceremonies dedicated to the anniversary: Erecting a tablet on the spot of the future monument to Iurii Dolgorukii. The festivities were attended by such Kremlin dignitaries as N. M. Shkvernik, S. M. Budennyi, A. A. Zhdanov, K. E. Voroshilov, G. K. Zhukov, G. M. Malenkov.

Moscow, Capital of the USSR (1947)
Description: Newsreel from the history of Soviet Moscow. Lenin speech in 1918 in defense of the Soviet Republic from foreign intervention. Red Guards marching off to the front. … Moscow during the Great Patriotic War. Stalin speaks to a meeting of the Moscow Soviet in a subway station on November 6, 1941. Victory parade on Red Square in May, 1945.

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