Triumph of T. D. Lysenko Video

Trofim Lysenko at the Agricultural Exhibit (1939)
Description: Academician Trofim Lysenko with a group of men and women examining a experimental oat field, and showing a handful of picked wheat. Sign: ‘Changing the nature of plants. The work of Academic T. D. Lysenko.’ The exhibit provides a simple illustration of Lysenko’s anti-Mendelian biology.

Aleksandr Dovzhenko: Michurin (1947)
Description: Dovzhenko labored hard to make his movie into a tribute to nature, but censorship and the ideological needs of the Lysenko clique made this impossible. Michurin became in the movie a mouthpiece for Russian nationalism, vernalization, and the triumph of Soviet science. Here he shares his slow process of discovery with his long-suffering wife.

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