Prisoners Return Music

Fraternal Graves (1964)
Vladimir Vysotskii
Description: Vysotsky’s song could be interpreted to commemorate either the lost and forgotten prisoners who died in the Siberian gulags, or the many Soviet citizens who died horrible and unknown deaths during the war. Either way, it touched deep chords in the hearts of his compatriots.

Somewhere in a Field Near Magadan (1982)
Iosif Kobzon. Music: Aleksandra Pakhmutova. Lyrics: Nikolai Zabolotskii
Description: This Zabolotsky poem (1956, unpublished in his lifetime), set to music by Aleksandra Pakhmutova captures the stark and dismal reality of the lives lost in the distant prison camps. Even after their return, the former prisoners often could not reintegrate themselves into a world that had changed immeasurably, and could not understand what they had suffered.

Here Comes the Judge and so the Trial is Over (1963)
Vladimir Vysotskii
Description: From Vysotskii’s early cycle of ‘Kolyma’ songs – which fed the legend that he had actually been a prisoner himself.

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