Demands of a Workers’ Council

Workers’ Council of Miskolc and Borsod County, Hungary, Resolution. October 25, 1956


Original Source: Broadcast by Radio Free Miskolc.

End the massacre of Hungarians in Budapest! Do not believe deceptions! Let them withdraw Soviet troops from Hungary! Strike! …

We have had enough-enough of the autocracy of certain leaders. We too want socialism but according to our own special Hungarian conditions, which reflect the interests of the Hungarian working class and the Hungarian nation, and our most sacred national sentiments.

We demand that all persons who compromised themselves by the cult of personality be eliminated immediately …

We demand that those Communists and non-Communists be given the most important positions in government and party life who, in following the principles of proletarian internationalism, honor above all else our Hungarian national traditions and our thousand-year history.

We demand the revision of the institutions of the state security authority and the elimination immediately of all leaders and functionaries who are compromised …

We demand a public trial of Mihaly Farkas before an independent court, regardless whether this trial may reflect on individuals currently holding important office.

With regard to the grave errors committed in the field of planned economy we demand the immediate dismissal of the responsible leaders of the planning offices.

We demand an increase of real wages.

We believe our demands will be realized when our, parliament ceases to be an electoral machine, and the members of parliament cease being yes-men.

We demand that March 15th be proclaimed a national holiday, and we also demand that October 6th be a national memorial day.

Source: M. J. Lasky, ed., The Hungarian Revolution: a White Book (New York: Praeger, 1957), p. 80.

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