The Workers’ Council Movement

Presidium of the National Trade Union Council of Hungary, Recommendation of the Presidium of the National Trade Union Council of Hungary, on the establishment of Workers’ Councils. October 27, 1956


Original Source: Broadcast by Radio Kossuth.

The Trade Union Council Presidium recommends that workers and employees embark on the introduction of worker management in factories, workshops, mines and everywhere else. They should elect Workers’ Councils …

The tasks of the Workers’ Councils: A Workers’ Council shall decide all questions connected with production, administration and management of -the plant. Therefore: (a) it should elect, from among its own members a council of 5-15 members, which in accordance with direct instructions of the Workers’ Council, shall decide questions connected with the management of the factory-it will hire and fire workers, economic and technical leaders; (b) it will draw up the factory’s production plan and define tasks connected with technical development; (c) the Workers’ Council will choose the wage-system best suited to conditions peculiar to the factory, decide on the introduction of that system as well as on the development of social and cultural amenities in the factory; (d) the Workers’ Council will decide on investments and the utilization of profits; (e) the Workers’ Council will determine the working conditions of the mine, factory, etc.; (f) the Workers’ Council will be responsible to all the workers and to the State for correct management.

At present the principal task of the Workers’ Councils is to effect and, ensure order, discipline and production. With the help of all the workers, their electors, the Workers’ Council, should defend the factory, the source of their livelihood.

On this basis of the aforesaid, the Presidium of the Trade Union Council recommends the setting up of Workers’ Councils.

Source: M. J. Lasky, ed., The Hungarian Revolution: a White Book (New York: Praeger, 1957), pp. 100-01.

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