International Youth Festival Music

If the Guys of all the World (1957)
Leonid Kostritsa. Music: Vasilii Solov’ev-Sedoi. Lyrics: Evgenii Dolmatovskii
Description: Theme song of the International Youth Festival.

A Song about Anxious Youth (1958)
Iurii Guliaev. Music: Aleksandra Pakhmutova. Lyrics: Sergei Grebennikov and Nikolai Dobronravov
Description: Originally from the cantata ‘Red Detectives,’ this song was featured in the 1958 movie ‘The Other Side of the Line’ (Po tu storonu), about two young Komsomols fighting in the Siberian Far East during the Civil War.

Bella, ciao! (1964)
Muslim Magomaev. Italian folk song; Russian lyrics: Anatolii Gorokhov
Description: Once a song of Italian partisans, this tune with its bright melody became a popular hit in Russian when the flush of post-festival years gave all things foreign a attractive shine.

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