A Busy Day at Luzhniki …

Today in Moscow


Within a year of its opening, Luzhniki (or the V. I. Lenin Central Stadium) was a hosting a full daily schedule of sporting events. Within the decade, Luzhniki would also be hosting cultural events such as concerts by popular singers.

Original Source: Sovetskii sport, July 14, 1957.

BOXING. Qualifying rounds for the Junior Championship of the USSR. V.I. Lenin Central Stadium. Small Sports Arena. Early. 19:00.
CYCLING. Moscow Junior Championship. 30 km on the Kiev Highway. .12:00 Start-time
Powerboat Racing. Individual-team Championship of Moscow. “Dynamo” (Khimki) River Station. 9:00 Start-time.
ROWING. Moscow Championship of Kayaking and Canoeing. “Dynamo” (Khimki) River Station.16:00 Start-time
Gorodki. Moscow Individual Championship for Masters of Sport and Sportsmen First-Class. V.I. Lenin Central Stadium. Gorodki green. 14:00 Start-time.
Track and Field. Moscow Individual Championship for Boys and Girls. Young Pioneers Stadium (Leningrad Highway) 15:00 Start-time
SAILING. Moscow Championship. Baranov Clubhouse (Klyazma Reservoir). 12:00 Start-time
DIVING. Individual-team Championship of Moscow. V.I. LeninCentral Stadium. Public pool. 12:00 Start-time
TENNIS. Moscow Championship for Masters of Sport and Sportsmen First-Class. “Dynamo” Stadium Grounds, “Stalinets,” Central Soviet Army Park. 11:00 Start-time.
FOOTBALL. International friendly match between “Spartak” (Moscow) – “Vasco da Gama” (Brazil). V.I. Lenin Central Stadium. 19:00

Source: Translated by James von Geldern.

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