The Khrushchev Slums Video

Moscow Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1961)
Description: The new district of Moscow, an apartment in a new building; a children’s swimming pool in one of the micro-districts; boys watering the flowers. Construction of new districts, and prefabricated construction.

Herbert Rappaport: Cheremushki (1962)
Description: This clip is from the 1962 musical (operetta) Cheremushki, with music by Dmitrii Shostakovich. ‘New’ Cheremushki was the once rural site outside the boundaries of Moscow that became the newest model housing development of the capital, and prototype (some would say cookie cutter) for new communities across the Soviet Union. The movie itself is a hoot, a fantasy within a fantasy, the dream of a couple who must live with their respective parents because of the unavailability of apartments who dream of when they will get one.

The Bridges of Moscow (1956)
Description: The new bridges of Moscow represent the extensive reconstruction of the city under Soviet rule.
Moscow Film Journal

Village of Medvedkovo (1964)
Description: The village of Medvedkovo outside Moscow undergoes construction and is incorporated into the city.
Raw film footage

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