Aeroflot and Pan Am Video

Aeroflot TU-114 Newsreel (1959)
Description: Short newsreel celebrating the new Tupolev-114, an enormous 4-engine turbo-prop passenger aircraft that Khrushchev himself took to the United States for his tour of the country in 1959. The newsreel shows the plane’s arrival in New York for the occasion of the Soviet Exhibition in that same year.

Aeroflot Promotion (1970)
Description: Commercial for Aeroflot in 1970 intended for a domestic audience. The commercial places particular emphasis on meeting passengers’ consumer needs and comforts.

Soviet Supersonic Civilian Aircraft (1968)
Description: Russian documentary with English commentary about the 1960’s Soviet supersonic jet plane, the Aeroflot Tupolev TU-144. The film shows design and construction of the TU-144 as well as early flight tests including takeoff and landing sequences.

The Jet Age is Here! Flying on a Pan Am Clipper (1958)
Description: The glamour of transatlantic air travel is highlighted in “6 1/2 Magic Hours,” a 1958 film produced by Pam Am to promote their Jet Clipper service from New York to Europe, which featured service and cuisine modeled after Maxim’s of Paris.

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