Crisis in Czechoslovakia Audio

On the Extension of Fraternal Aid to the Czechoslovakian Working Class (August 1968)
Radio Moscow
Description: English-language Radio Moscow articulates the official line on the invasion of Czechoslovakia to international audiences.

Soviets Forces Invade Czechoslovakia (August 21, 1968)
Radio Prague
Description: Radio Prague send out this last desperate message to the world to inform it of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The station was soon closed until broadcasts could be more reliably controlled.

Appeal by Czech Students to the World (August 22, 1968)
Description: This halting but moving statement in English is a final appeal by the students of Prague’s Charles University before their radio station fell silent.

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia (August 21, 1968)
BBC Radio
Description: This BBC report from Czechoslovakia offers a sceptical view of Soviet claims of fraternal aims for the invasion.

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