Generation Gap Music

Manzherok (1967)
Edita Piekha. Music: Oskar Fel’tsman. Lyrics: N. Olev
Description: Manzherok is a tourist center located in the Altai region of southern Siberia. Summer music festivals there gathered youth from many Eastern European countries, and the area became a symbol for the new spirit of international spirit. The atmosphere was captured in this classic tune by Poland’s Edita Piekha, with its tag line ‘Just what is this Manzherok?’

Grandma, Teach Me to Dance (1962)
Tamara Miansarova. Music: L. Podesht; Russian lyrics: G. Fere and L. Lukianov
Description: Miansarova’s lively performance of this mix of dixieland and charleston music, so alien to the Soviet canon, would eventually land her in disfavor. Like many of her generation, she found that she could not longer record or perform in the capital cities, and could only find work in the mining town of Donetsk. As official tastes broadened in the 1980s, she found her way back to Moscow and quickly recovered her popularity.

Kitten (1966)
Description: The biggest hit of one of the most popular vocal quartets of the 1960s.

Red-Haired Clown (1976)
Mariia Kodrianu. Music: V. Migulia. Lyrics: I. Reznik and Iu. Garin

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