Generation Gap Video

Georgii Daneliia: I Walk Around Moscow (1964)
Description: Daneliia’s delightful film about young people in early 1960s Moscow is distilled into this final scene, in which the young Nikita Mikhalkov sings the lighthearted song that became a theme for his generation.

Il’ia Averbakh: Monologue (1972)
Description: One of the first films to address the Soviet generation gap, Monologue manages to pull it off not once but twice: it saddles an irascible professor with a sudden return of his wayward daughter, who left her own daughter for him to raise eighteen years ago. Personalities clash and a comfortable routine crumbles, but family ties prevail. Mikhail Gluzskii creates an immensely memorable character, and popular leading lady Marina Neelova holds her own as his free-spirit daughter. In this scene, his granddaughter re-enacts the rebellion of her mother, who plays the role of the nagging and ignored parent.

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