The Chinese Border Music

Moscow-Peking (1950)
Red Army Chorus. Solo: K. Gerasimov. Music: V. Muradeli; Lyrics: M. Vershinin
Description: This relic of the brief friendship between newly Communist China and Soviet Russia, warmed by the friendship of Stalin and Chairman Mao, would soon disappear from Soviet record stores.

March of the Communist Brigades (1964)
Aleksandr Rozum. Music: Anatolii Novikov. Lyrics: V. Kharitonov

Song about Mao Tse-Tung’s Wife (1967)
Vladimir Vysotskii.
Description: Vysotskii found a subject here to please the prejudices of every Soviet citizen, regardless of their politics – the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the excesses of Jiang Qing and the ‘Gang of Four.’

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