KVN Cancelled Video

KVN Warm-Up Round (1965)
Description: By the mid-1960s, after complaints from both viewers and Party officials about the show s exclusivity, KVN began to feature teams drawn from factories or even entire cities, a change that angered established teams and many fans. In this clip from the 1965 final match, we see the ‘Banner of Labor’ Factory team and the Friazino City team engage in witty wordplay during the show s traditional ‘warm-up’ round.

What? Where? When? (1980)
Description: What? Where? When? pitted a team of young ‘whiz kids’ against the ‘team’ of television viewers, who submitted questions about science, history, or literature that were presented in the form of riddles. Teams were given one minute the show s famous ‘minute for reflection’–to come up with an answer. As we can see in this clip, this format made possible lively debates among the team members that were intended to promote team-work and collaboration in Soviet institutions.

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