Rock Goes Russian Music

My Address is the Soviet Union (1972)
Samotsvety. Music: David Tukhmanov. Lyrics: V. Kharitonov
Description: This Brezhnev era pop hit combined the desire of young people to hear western-style music and the need of the authorities to have new propaganda hits. The tagline ‘My address is neither a house nor a street; my address is the Soviet Union,’ was repeated frequently and with irony as the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991.

Our House (1973)
Mashina vremeni.
Description: As the first group to sing rock music in Russian and to break away from imitating western models, Time Machine drew from Russian traditions, particularly the music of the ‘bards.’ This song gently pokes at the hypocrisy of Soviet life, in which citizen hid from mandatory social engagement and progress in their quiet homes.

You or Me (1973)
Mashina vremeni. Music and lyrics: Andrei Makarevich.

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