Party Declares War on Crime

In the CPSU Central Committee: On Improving Work to Safeguard Law and Order and Intensifying the Struggle against Law Violations. September 11, 1979


Original Source: Pravda, 11 September 1979, p. 1, 3; Izvestiia, 11 September 1979, p. 1.

The CPSU Central Committee has examined the question of improving work to safeguard law and order and intensifying the struggle against law violations. The resolution adopted notes that our country, in accordance with the decisions of the 25th CPSU Congress and the provisions of the USSR Constitution, is consistently pursuing a course aimed at the further strengthening of socialist legality and law and order. Important measures have been carried out to perfect legislation, improve the activity of law-enforcement agencies, develop the public’s activeness and enhance its role in safeguarding law and order. All this is creating the necessary conditions for eradicating all violations of law and order and eliminating crime and its causes.

At the same time, the CPSU Central Committee has noted that the tasks of strengthening law and order are still not being accomplished effectively enough. Means of state and public influence and upbringing means are not being fully used in the struggle against law violations. There is insufficient purposefulness, comprehensiveness of approach and unity of action among Party, state, economic, trade union, Young Communist League and other public organizations in this work, and often the broad masses of working people are not drawn into it.

The CPSU Central Committee has outlined concrete measures aimed at further improving work to prevent law violations, intensifying the struggle against criminal and other antisocial behavior, and ensuring the unswerving observance of Soviet laws by all citizens and officials …

The resolution sets the following tasks for Party, Soviet and law-enforcement agencies and other state agencies and public organizations:

Improve the safeguarding of public order in cities and other communities. Strengthen the police patrol and point-duty service. Improve the work of criminal search and investigation.

Enhance the role of precinct police inspectors in safeguarding law and order, and expand their ties with the population. Organize daily cooperation between the police and the volunteer public order detachments.

Wage a consistent and persistent struggle against drunkenness and alcoholism. Check on the fulfillment of previous decisions on these questions and discuss the results in Party, Soviet, trade union and Komsomol organizations. Carry out more effective measures for the prevention of drunkenness, the strengthening of public and legal influence on drunkards, the strict observance of established rules for trade in alcoholic beverages, and the expansion of the network of addiction- treatment institutions, including those at enterprises. Step up anti-alcohol propaganda and make it more persuasive and effective.

Improve work at educational institutions, in labor collectives and at places of residence to prevent law violations among juveniles. Improve individual work with teenagers. Develop mentorship and sponsorship on a broader scale. Soviet, trade union, Komsomol and sports organizations, cultural institutions, educational and vocational-technical education agencies, unions of creative workers and law-enforcement agencies are to work out additional measures to improve upbringing work and prevent law violations among juveniles.

Step up the struggle against encroachments on socialist property. Establish strict order everywhere in the keeping of records on materials of value and in their storage, and resolutely eradicate mismanagement, wastefulness, report padding and hoodwinking. Pay special attention to intensifying the struggle against embezzlement in agriculture, transportation and construction. Improve the activity of the auditing apparatus. Reinforce the police service for combating the embezzlement of socialist property and speculation. Increase incisiveness and devotion to principle in prosecutor’s supervision over the observance of laws on the safeguarding of socialist -property.

Step up the struggle against parasitism and speculation. Ensure the prompt exposure of persons who evade socially useful labor. See to it that they are placed in jobs and remain in their collectives. Apply the sanctions provided by law against those who stubbornly refuse to work.

Source: Current Digest of the Soviet Press. Vol. XXXI, No. 36 (1979)

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