How Many Ministries in the USSR?

State Regulation on Ministries and State Committees of the Government of the USSR. 1989

USSR All-Union Ministries

USSR all-union ministries shall include the: Ministry of the Aircraft Industry, Ministry of Motor Vehicle and Agricultural Machine Building, Ministry of Nuclear Power Generation and the Nuclear Industry, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Water Resources Construction, Ministry of Geology, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of the Medical Industry, Ministry of Metallurgy, Ministry of the Merchant Marine, Ministry of the Oil and Gas Industry, Ministry of the Defense Industry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of General Machine Building, Ministry of Railroads, Ministry of the Radio Industry, Ministry of the Fisheries Industry, Ministry of the Machine Tool and Tool Making Industry, Ministry of Construction of Oil and Gas Industry Enterprises, Ministry of the Shipbuilding Industry, Ministry of Transport Construction, Ministry of Heavy Machine Building, Ministry of the Coal Industry, Ministry of the Chemical and Oil Refining Industry, Ministry of the Electronics Industry, Ministry of the Electrical Equipment Industry and Instrument Making.

USSR Union Republic Ministries

USSR union republic ministries shall include the: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Forestry Industry, Ministry of Installation and Special Construction Work, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Power and Electrification, Ministry of Justice.

USSR All-Union State Committees

USSR all-union state committees shall include the: USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, USSR State Committee for Output Quality Control and Standards, USSR State Committee for Computer Technology and Information Science, USSR State Committee for Hydrometeorology.

USSR Union Republic State Committees

USSR union republic state committees shall include the: USSR State Planning Committee, USSR State Committee for Material and Technical Supply, USSR State Commission for Construction, USSR State Committee for Labor and Social Affairs, USSR State Committee on Prices, USSR State Committee for Statistics, USSR State Committee for Public Education, USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, USSR State Committee for Cinematography, USSR State Committee for the Press, USSR State Committee for Forests, USSR State Committee for Protection of the Environment, USSR State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports, USSR State Committee for the Supervision of Safe Working Practices in Industry and the Nuclear Power Industry, USSR Committee for State Security.

Other Bodies Subordinate to the USSR Council of Ministers

The USSR State Bank, whose leader is a member of the USSR government under the established procedure, is subordinate to the USSR Council of Ministers. Committees and main administrations set up by the USSR Council of Ministers, other USSR Council of Ministers departments dealing with economic, socio-cultural and defense building, and – in accordance with USSR legislation – other bodies are subordinate to the USSR Council of Ministers.

Source: David Lane, Soviet Society under Perestroika (Boston: Unwin Hyman, 1990), pp. 53-54.

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