Gorbachev and Nationalism Video

In the Land of Estonia (1987)
Description: Gorbachev in Estonia. Visiting the Tallin Politechnical Institute, the May 9 Kolkhoz, and speaking at the Tenth Congress of the Estonian Komsomol. He conducts conversations with students, workers, kolkhozniks.

Days of the Crescent Moon (1991)
Description: Dushanbe, February 1990. Pogroms arising as a result of false rumors about giving apartments alloted to local residents to Armenian refugees. The smoke of fires from burning and ruined buildings, cars on fire.

Uzbeks and Meskhetiian Turks Clash (1991)
Description: Ethnic conflicts among Uzbeks and Meskhetiian Turks in the city of Orsh, Kirghiziia, June 18, 1990. The film pins the blame for the conflict on the 1921 agreement with Turkey dividing Nakhichevan and Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, rather than on Soviet-era nationality policies. From the documentary Mine Field of Perestroika.

Azeri Mobs Attack Armenians (1991)
Description: An interview with an Armenian attacked by Azeri mobs in Baku. From the documentary Mine Field of Perestroika.

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