The Leningrad Rock Scene Video

A Chorus Alone (1988)
Description: Rock-group Aquarium sings ‘A Generation of Janitors and Watchmen.’ Lead singer Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrei Romanov on drums. Other scenes include a ‘City of the Absurd’ in Leningrad; singer Konstanin Nikol’skii; the artists of the ‘MIT’KI;’ artist Petrov-Gladkov and wife; Andrei Romanov with daughter; director Nikolai Daneliia

The Experimentator (1985)
Description: Soviet rock was born in Leningrad, and it came to maturity in apartment performances for a chosen few who appreciated the music. Here Kostya Kinchev, lead singer of the group ALISA and soon to be a genuine Russian rock star, and the innovative musician Sergei Kuriokhin, jam in a cramped apartment. Kinchev had already learned the performance skills that would serve him well when large stages opened to rock performances. Recorded here by the the PBS Frontline series COMRADES.

Sergei Solov’ev: Assa (1987)
Description: This clip from the hit movie ASSA features Viktor Tsoi, leader singer of KINO, and satirizes the attitudes that rockers encountered from the cultural establishment. He sings ‘We Want Change,’ which became an anthem for the rock movement during the years of perestroika.

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