The August Coup Video

Mine Field of Perestroika (1991)
Description: Moscow, August 20-22, 1991. Tanks on Manege Square, armored vehicles on the streets of Moscow, wrecked trolleys, the barricade by the White House (Parliament Building) on Krasnopresnenskaia Embankment. Panorama of the White House and square filled with people. Flowers on the spot where defenders of the Russian White House were killed.

Tanks on the Moscow Streets (1991)
Description: If the coup leaders had watched the evening broadcast of Vremya, the official news Soviet news program, on August 20, they would have known they had reason to fear. Soviet journalists broke all censorship taboos by interviewing the soldiers brought into the city to restore order and their officers, who broke even stronger taboos by responding. The widespread evidence of fraternization between soldiers and Muscovites was a harbinger of the military insubordination that would soon topple the coup.

Eltsin Speaks after Defeat of the Coup (1991)
Description: An agitated but triumphant Eltsin speaks to the cheering Russian people outside the White House, headquarters of Eltsin’s Russian government, after the breakdown of the putsch.
Khronika nashikh dnei, no.19-20 (1991).

Eltsin Denounces the Coup
Description: Simon Marks reports from Moscow on the first day of what would come to be called the “putsch”.

Chronicle of Our Days (1991)
Description: Gorbachev speaks upon his return to Moscow after the August Putsch.
Khronika nashikh dnei, no.19-20. Moscow, 1991.

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