WELCOME TO THE NEW 17 MOMENTS! After many long (painful!) months of downtime, we are delighted to launch an updated version of this rich and much loved digital archive. Long-time users of the site will notice several improvements, including a responsive layout (works on tablets and smart phones), updated design, and enhanced navigation. The “my syllabus” feature is no longer available, but is easily replicated by saving a list of links in any format you choose. First time visitors can acquaint themselves with the back story of the site here and here, or proceed directly to the repository, which may be accessed chronologically or by topic.

We always welcome proposals for new modules, especially for the seventies.  Please use the form below to let Lewis Siegelbaum, James von Geldern or Amy Nelson know if you are interested in developing new material for the site.  Subject essays should be concise (ca. 750 words) and include supporting multi-media material that can be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License.

The most recent additions to the site are listed here:

Steven E. Harris, “Aeroflot and PanAm” (1968 /”Science and Nature”) July 2014

Christine Evans, “KVN is Cancelled” (1973 /”Fine Arts”) March, 2011

Amy Randall, “Repealing the Ban on Abortion” (1956 / “Gender”) Jan 2011

Deborah A. Field, “The Moral Code of the Builders of Communism” (1961 / “Gender”) June 2010

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