Project Team

SEVENTEEN MOMENTS IN SOVIET HISTORY WAS CREATED by James von Geldern (Macalester College) and Lewis Siegelbaum (Michigan State University) with generous funding from an educational development grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) from 1999 to 2002. In 2014, Amy Nelson (Virginia Tech) joined the team as content curator and web director. The original site was developed in collaboration with MATRIX, the center for digital humanities and social sciences at Michigan State University. MATRIX supports and hosts the current version of the site as well.

Over its long history, the site has benefited from the expertise and support of many people: Krzystof Karski designed the original site; at MATRIX, Dean Rehberger and Bartek Plichta offered valuable advice for the organization of the tangle of Soviet history into a coherent and useable web site; Emilia Simeonova of Macalester College, together with Ward McKee and Meredith Roman of Michigan State University undertook important work in developing materials for the original site; in 2008 Christian Meister oversaw the first redesign of the site, which was supported by a research grant from Macalester College and private donations; From 2007-2011, Kristen Edwards (Notre Dame de Namur University) collected materials for the site from the Hoover Institution Archives.  She coordinated the site upgrade in 2008 and worked with James von Geldern on another upgrade in 2013. Jackie Hawthorne (MATRIX) served as project supervisor for the site re-design in 2015.

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